Kononov V.M. Innovation Policy of Russia in the Context of New Global Development Challenges

Kononov Vladimir Mikhaylovich
Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Candidate for a Doctor's Degree, Department of Russian Politics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, First Deputy of the Chairman of the Committee on Science and High Technology of the Russian State Duma
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Prosp. Lomonosovskiy, 27, bld. 4, 119991 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article presents a socio-political analysis of the Russian state policy in the sphere of science and innovation. The paper focuses on the fact that for the preservation and reproduction of sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the conditions of aggravation of global and regional risks and threats, the implementation of innovations should encompass not only scientific and technical sphere, but it should also be directly related to the structural and functional characteristics of the political system. The international and Russian political, legal and statistical sources allowed to identify the resources, technologies and priorities of national innovation policy connected both with the long-term prospects for Russia's development, as well as responses to the sanctions policy of the European Union and the United States in relation to the events in Ukraine in 2014 -2015. This paper analyzes the positive \ negative historical, cultural, socio-economic, political and other factors that contribute to \ hinder elaboration of effective innovation policy aimed at sustainable and safe development of the society and the state. The particular attention is paid to the characteristics of specific structural elements of innovative space of Russia: the optimal combination of post-industrial sector priorities with the objectives of re-industrialization of economic relations; optimization of public administration and innovation policy in the context of implementation of the national model of modernization; integration of education and science; system of training of highly qualified personnel in the real economy; susceptibility of business to innovative technologies introduction.

Key words: innovation policy, political governance, government regulation, innovation risks, political technologies, effectiveness of innovation system.

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