Besschetnova O.V. Welfare of Children as a Modern Social Problem


Oksana V. Besschetnova

Doctor of Sciences (Sociology), Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Education and Psychology, Balashov Institute (Branch) of Saratov State University

Karl Marx St., 29, 412300 Balashov, Russian Federation

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Abstract. The category of "well-being" has been the subject of a number of humanities for many centuries, the determining factors of which at different times were the state, society, morality, and personal characteristics of individuals. Currently, well-being is considered as a multifactorial construct, which includes a complex of social, economic, cultural, psychological and physical factors; subjective well-being is interpreted through the prism of an individual's assessment of quality and satisfaction of life, the achievement of pleasure, happiness, and success in various spheres. In order to study and measure the well-being in the country and in the world, a number of indices have been developed, including income, life expectancy, education, population literacy, health, safety, etc. This article focuses on the need of a systematic study of children's well-being in Russia, the development of tools, and annual monitoring with the mandatory reflection of its results in open media. Based on the systematization and analysis of statistical information, the author highlighted the following main indicators of children's well-being, illustrating the most acute problems in the field of modern childhood: the poverty level of families with children; the access to education; physical / mental health; destructive behaviors / risks; relationship with family members and friends.

Key words: children, well-being, subjective well-being, assessment of children's well-being, indicators.

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