Emelyanov A.S. Conscience as a Call of Being in M. Heidegger’s Philosophy

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu7.2016.1.2

Andrey Sergeevich Emelyanov

Postgraduate Student, Department of Philosophy,

Kursk State University

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Radishcheva St., 33, 305000 Kursk, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article analyzes the phenomenon of the “conscience” in the existential analytics of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. The author notes that, thanks to the experience of the state of conscience, allowing to leave actual and limited existenc and to return human dignity. Human freedom, according to Heidegger, acts as a situation of choice – solicitude of the world or solicitude of oneself. The radicalization of the actual nature of human presence in the world, as Dasein, opens its existence as a tragedy of the loss of one’s own ontological dignity and advantages of being. The insignificance concerns human world and is achieved through a decline in the factual Dasein. Through the conscience a person is able to throw off the shackles of the world that essentially do not belong to him being like an improper perspective on himself. Heidegger’s fundamental ontology becomes confession and revelation to guide himself in the way of finding human dignity and his own being. The existential categories of this human “uncanniness” are: fear, terror, language and conscience. The last modus – conscience, according to the author, appears as central point of existential analytics of Heidegger that allows him to make a famous “Turn” from factual here-being (Dasein) to being as such (Sein).

Key words: human, being, Dasein, phenomenon of “uncanniness”, conscience.

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