Kudryashev A.F. The Philosophic Pegasus, or the Issue of the Existence of Nothingness

Kudryashev Aleksandr Fedorovich
Doctor of Philosophic Sciences, Professor, Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Bashkir State University
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Zaki Validi St., 32, 450076 Ufa, Russian Federation

Abstract. The author reveals the basic distinction between the formal and logical, and actual philosophic aspects of the problem of the existence of such fictitious and yet individual object as Pegasus. For this purpose the main interpretations of the concepts of existence and nothingness used by ontologicians and logicians are analyzed. It is shown that nothingness existing as a name of the corresponding sentence with empty object content can be considered as a philosophic analogue of the logical Pegasus. The special attention is paid to the issue of the correlation between existence and nothingness. It is found out that in certain cases "nothingness" becomes a synonym of "something", considered in its changes, including the process of formation. In addition, the author raises the following question – what problem in the history of philosophy arose earlier: the problem of Pegasus existence or the problem of independent existence of oppositions? The author inclines to the point of view according to which the second problem preceded the first one.

Key words: Pegasus, nothingness, existence, non-existence, existing, not existing, opposition.

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