Myakinnikov S.P. Mental Determinants of the Formation of Environmentally Oriented Worldview

Myakinnikov Sergey Petrovich
Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy,
Kuzbass State Technical University
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Vesennyaya St., 28, 650000 Kemerovo, Russian Federation.

Abstract. The major mental factors of formation and development of environmentally reasonable worldview are investigated in the article. The ontological aspect of the human mentality and its main components (consciousness, the subconscious and the unconscious) are discussed. The notion of reality of the subject as the reality of consciousness and the outside consciousness is clarified. Some variants of interaction between mental processes and the factors of internal (biological and spiritual) and external (natural and social) environment are modeled in order to demonstrate the applicability of human mentality in the process of adaptation and orientation in the world. This model is used to identify the causes of mentality functioning and deep psychic origins of environmental worldview (anthropocentrism and ecocentrism). The author points to the facts of changing the outer world by human mentality (through activity) and the reverse effect of already modified natural environment on the mentality. The attempt is made to explore ecologically interpretable activity of the human mentality from the viewpoint of synergetic and cybernetic approaches. The author specifies the mechanism of appeal to the implementation of environmental actions at the level of the consciousness and the outside consciousness. The poorly explored role of consciousness and outside consciousness in obtaining, broadcasting and objectifying the environmental information is specified. The ecological characteristics of the main parts of the human mentality, which form the structural and functional single information unit, are given.

Key words: mentality, consciousness, the outside consciousness, the unconscious, the subconscious.
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