Yagudina D.S. Conflict of Interpretations And the Problem of Truth in Hermeneutics

Yagudina Dina Sergeevna

Postgraduate Student, Department of Philosophy,

Volgograd State University

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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. In this article we are talking about the criteria for determining the validity of the interpretation of the text. Some universal recognized criteria for determining the true interpretation are listed. Such criteria as logic, common sense, rationalization, objectivity are problematized and analyzed. These criteria are generally recognized by most philosophers of hermeneutics. Moreover, there are some specific criteria discussed, which are typical for special hermeneutical methodologies. One of them is the idea of the true interpretation under the author’s intention. This criterion is the traditional philological analysis of the text. One problem with such an understanding of the correct interpretation is that sometimes even with the help of the biographical method it is impossible to decipher what the author wanted to say. The second problem is connected with a broader understanding of the text as in some texts there was no author, for example, in social texts. The other problem is connected with the necessity of legitimizing the interpretation by authoritative person. Such an understanding of the correct interpretation is characterized, above all, in jurisprudence. From this perspective, interpretation is directly linked to social power. The both specific criteria are appropriate in some social and cultural spheres; however, the article also examines their problems. Such divergence in views about the true meaning of texts creates the methodological conflict of interpretations within the hermeneutic tradition.

Key words: hermeneutics, conflict of interpretations, correct interpretation, text meaning, truth, validity of interpretation.

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