Makarov A.I. Energy of the “Damned Side of Things”


Andrey I. Makarov
Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and
Theory of Law, Volgograd State University
prosp. University, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation
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Abstract. The concept of "energy" formed the basis of numerous concepts of European philosophy: from Aristotle to J. Baudrillard. Beginning with Aristotle, the concept of energy refers to being in its statics and becoming. The ancient and medieval theories of energy are developed within the framework of the essentialist approach. According to this approach, the world is a system of emerging, developing and collapsing things. Energy is movement. This ontological approach to the study of the problem of energization of developmental processes in modern times has practically disappeared from the writings of philosophers. It has been replaced by physicalist energyism. Energy is the potential for things to move. In the 20th century, the issue of energy is again updated in all its aspects. The French philosopher J. Baudrillard considers such a source of energy, which he calls the "principle of Evil." This is the principle of destruction, destruction, which keeps systems alive. Baudrillard describes the mechanism for generating energy, which he calls the energy of the "damned side of things": inside the system there are asystem elements that resist centripetal forces, giving life to centrifugal forces. The cursed side of a thing releases energy for the construction of new elements of the system, but this energy is produced by those processes that are condemned by society. The French philosopher comes to the conclusion that various types of destruction are necessary for systems to survive. The destruction of a part of the system allows it to develop immunity, teaches the system more complex behavior when adapting to the environment. According to the philosopher, systems oriented towards stability as a heavenly artificial state, paradoxically turn into an "artificial hell" and tend to death.
Key words: energy, modern philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, the problem of evil.

Citation. Makarov A.I. Energy of the "Damned Side of Things". Logos et Praxis, 2022, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 89-94. (in Russian). DOI:

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