Shutova O.I. Framing of the Subjective Attitude to the Acquired Competencies of Helping Professions in the Educational Environment of the University

Olga I. Shutova
Candidate of Sciences (Psychology), Associate Professor, Department of General and Clinical Psychology, Volgograd State Medical University
Pavshikh Bortsov Sq., 1, 400131 Volgograd, Russian Federation
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Annotation. This article presents the research results of the dynamic of the formation of a person subjective attitude to supporting specialists' competencies in the educational environment of a university. The relevance of the study is due, on the one hand, to insufficient knowledge of the concept of "educational environment", its structure, correlation with other concepts, such as a multicultural environment, professional competencies. On the other hand, the study of the psychology of competencies and their structure, specificity (on the example of a specific group of professions), diagnostics, psychological and pedagogical conditions of formation. The practical significance of the study lies in examining professional competencies through the personal components of students, which are the subjective attitude of the individual. Empirical research was based on the use of quantitative data collection methods that reveal the concept of a person's subjective attitude. The sample consisted of 140 students of the faculties of "General Medicine" and "Social Work and Clinical Psychology" of The Volgograd State Medical University, who were trained in the second (2016) and fourth year (2018). The assessment of the attitude of students to the content of professional competencies of supporting specialists was measured using the author's methodology based on a list of general cultural and professional competencies declared in educational standards and selected by the subjects in accordance with the basic principles and rules of conducting a diagnostic study. The data obtained is processed through descriptive statistics. As a result, the structure and content of the subjective attitude of the individual was described, which includes the motivational ("important"), operational ("own") and pragmatic ("use") aspects of competencies. The course of study, the emerging "motivational stress", the organized conditions of the educational environment, involvement in practical professional activity determine the structure of the subjective attitude of students to the competencies being mastered: the structure of the second course of study is presented as "the motivational aspect – the operational aspect – the pragmatic aspect" of competencies, the structure of the fourth course of study – "pragmatic aspect – operational aspect – motivational aspect" of competencies. The choice of various psychological and pedagogical technologies in the training of specialists in helping professions as one of the effective conditions of the educational environment is aimed at manifesting, on the one hand, the cognitive activity of students, on the other, the formation of a positive attitude towards mastering a set of competencies. Information technologies and technologies for the development of critical thinking are aimed at developing research competencies. Interactive technologies of imitation and discussion types contribute to the development of a communicative group of competencies of supporting specialists, as well as conducting joint classes of Russian and foreign students, implementing patronage cooperation, etc. The results obtained can be taken into account in the practice of psychological, professional and socio-cultural support and adaptation of foreign and Russian students to supporting professions.
Key words: competencies, subjective attitude, educational environment, supporting professions, tolerance, conflict, communication.

Citation. Shutova O.I. Framing of the Subjective Attitude to the Acquired Competencies of Helping Professions in the Educational Environment of the University. Logos et Praxis, 2021, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 100-108. (in Russian). DOI:

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