Gizatullina A.V. Gender Aspects Referring to Social Policy in Labour Relations in a Modern Society (Case Study of Mothers)

Anna V. Gizatullina
Postgraduate Student, Department of Sociology of Knowledge, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Leninskie gory, 13, 119234 Moscow, Russian Federation
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Abstract. The article focuses on two approaches to gender aspects of social policy in labour relations in a modern society (a case study of mothers). One of them deals with introducing gender into existing theories of social policy. The other is based on the assumption that fundamental theories are incomplete in their fundamental prerequisites and therefore new models of social policy regarding labour relations of mothers should be worded. The approaches are founded on the relationship implying "state – market – family" link. The article gives a brief description of the current social policy in Russia in regards to labour relations of mothers. It discloses general issues in management of labour relations of mothers including women's unemployment, occupational segregation, above regarding management of labour activity of mothers are integral parts of the general social problem of labour relations in modern conditions. Additionally, we highlight the relationship between mothers' working life and family obligations. The article analyzes the economic activity dynamics and women's employment rate in the period 2008–2017. The data gathered is based on age, gender, marital status, level of women's occupation in their main post. Finally, we identify some measures to be taken to improve the existing social policy in labour relations of mothers. These measures consist in the establishment of legally fixed "free time", the construction of a socially fair system of material benefits and privileges, the construction of a developed infrastructure in the form of various services.
Key words: social policy, labor relations, mother, gender, family obligations, labor market.

Gender Aspects Referring to Social Policy in Labour Relations in a Modern Society (Case Study of Mothers) by Gizatullina A.V. is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International

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