Rakhmanin Valentin Sidorovich
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Department of Sociology and Political Science, Voronezh State University
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Abstract: The article is devoted to substantiating the need to develop a new philosophical paradigm of modernization based on the realities of post-industrial phase of scientific and technical development. Analyzing the experience of modernization of the country in the XX century, the author reveals a dead end character of modernization scenario. It is shown that a new philosophy of modernization should focus on knowledge-based economy, human capital development, forming a subject of modernization adequate to tackle the complexity of problems and to take into account a modernization competition intensifying in an era of globalization.

Key words: enlightenment philosophy, paradigm of modernization, scientific and technological progress, mobilizational model of development, catch-up modernization, knowledge-based economy, human capital, subject of modernization, post-industrial society.

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