Khrapova V.A. Regional Text as a Factor of Organizing Modern Social Space


Victoria A. Khrapova

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Volgograd State University

Universitetsky Prosp., 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

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Abstract. In the context of modern social transformation, the role of regions as territorial-economic complexes and administrative units, gaining the status of entities in the national system of relations, is strengthening. Important indicators of the formation of the region are regional culture and regional self-awareness, due to the commonality of experiences of significant events occurring in a certain territory at a certain time. The key values of the regional culture are fixed in the regional text – a symbolic complex that accumulates the concepts of regional culture. The specificity of the regional text is due to its formation bades on local symbolic and symbolic structures with explanatory potential and translating the idea of stability, reliability, and also, to a large extent, development in the media environment, dissemination in the media format that informs the regional text of innovative qualities that former media (mobility, flexibility, interactivity, fundamental openness at the semantic and structural-compositional levels) didn't have. The regional text carries an identification code, it contains life-preserving constants and lifesetting values. Possessing a built-in mechanism for the correction of semantic and syntactic relations, aimed at self-preservation of the social whole, the regional text performs constructive and projective functions in the context of modern social dynamics. Sign-symbolic complexes with regional semantics play an important role in the self-description of regional communities, allowing them to maintain self-identification, to recreate the conditions necessary for optimal interaction and life in the modern social space. The regional text plays a large role in shaping the image of the region, which determines its socio-economic status and cultural status. The modern regional text is mobile, multi-layered, discrete, and has no rigid structure. It is synergistically transforming into a dynamically changing society, depending on the goals and values that guide the regional community. The presence of control parameters in the structure of the regional text makes it an important factor in sustainable development and determines the need for the conscious participation of the political and intellectual elite in the creation of regional semiotic spaces.

Key words: region, text, communication, social dynamics, transformation.

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