Pelevin S.I. Technogization of Society as a Factor of Socio-Cultural Modernization


Sergei I. Pelevin

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Law and Social Sciences, Armavir State Pedagogical University

Rosa Luxemburg St., 159, 352901 Armavir, Russian Federation

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Abstract. According to the author, the development processes of modern society are relevantly described using the theories of the information society and the knowledge society. In this regard, the modern directions of research carried out within the framework of the socio-information paradigm are indicated (in particular, the consideration of the influence of digital technologies on social changes and the dynamics of digital inequality in society). Attention is drawn to the fact that in the theories of the information society and the knowledge society, the central issue is the strategies for technologizing social practices and their consequences for society and individuals. It is noted that the technologization of social practices changes the structure and forms of communication processes between social actors and the dynamics of the development and functioning of various elements of the social system. The article shows the mechanism of sociocultural regulation of modernization processes, which in modern society is the technicalization of social practices. Technologization of society can be understood as a process of a gradual structural and functional transition of all social systems from a traditional society to an industrial one, and then to a postindustrial one, as well as the formation and approval of new institutions and modern systemic features in society. The dynamics of socio-cultural modernization is greatly influenced by the global technogenic context, which acts as an exogenous factor in the modernization process. It is argued that technologization, in addition to its own, purely material, technical and economic meanings, also has instrumental significance as an integrated regulator of social processes, and consists of false methods of structural and functional impact on the political, social and spiritual-value spheres of modern society. It is noted that socio-political modernization is in close interdependence with technological modernization. Moreover, a rather complicated interaction takes place between the development tracks of ethnic and national cultures and the process of political modernization.

Key words: technologization, modernization, sociocultural modernization, conservative modernization, democracy, authoritarian system.

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