Buzskiy M.P. Objective and Subjective in the Modern Informational Society

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/lp.jvolsu.2019.3.3

Marat P. Buzskiy
Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor, Departament of Philosophy, Volgograd State University
Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation
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Abstract. The article presents the experience of the critical study of information monism principle, which has become widespread in modern concepts of information society, and associated information determinism. In this criticism, the author consistently proves the position that the necessary, not removable condition for the existence and development of society at all historical stages is the subject-object relationship, and it is preserved in modern information processes. So today, the idealization of the status of information and its role in society is one-sided understanding of this society, which is the result of a methodologically-destructive transformations and omissions, first of all, attempts to deploy pluralistic content from the flow of information in complex social environment including the consciousness of people as subjects, their values and multi-dimensional activities. The author states that the mediator and the space of interaction between subject and object in society is the activity in which they are complementary parties. The basis of the modern information society is also the activity, however, its access to the global level requires a new level of self-consciousness and self-determination. Therefore within the activity its system scale representing it as the subject became more active, and the information began to express "substance" of activity as the process developed in time and including information events (texts) – as objectivity which does not reach target result and does not break away from a stream of activity and communications. Identifying texts as expressed "objectivity" information becomes a regulator of specific activities of subjects interacting with the subject-spatial environment. Information links and divides the global scope of activities and their traditional private forms. Information becomes "primary" not because it replaces other types of resources and is the generative basis of society, but because it now acts as an intermediary between the activities of the subject as a function of the system, on the one hand, and the actions of specific subjects, which are based on the information dimension of the subject activity, on the other hand. The research paper offers and investigates the definitions of the categories "subjective", "objective", information", "activity", which make the logical structure of the article more reasonable, increase the level of its argumentation. The restoration of the status of "objective" through the perspective of activity, as the author shows, is the basis for the restoration of the status and content of the modern personality, the expansion of its role and scale in society.
Key words: activity, information, subjective, objective, system, objectivity, information monism.

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