Zelykovsky A.A. Structure, Properties and Functions of Political Myth ..

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/lp.jvolsu.2019.3.2

Alexey A. Zelykovsky
Сandidate of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lipetsk State Technical University
Moskovskaya St., 30, 398600 Lipetsk, Russian Federation
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Abstract. The paper reveals the structure, properties and main functions of modern political myth, in addition, it analyzes the relationship between modern and archaic myths. The basis of modern political myths is rationalized and expressed in symbolic form mythological archetype. Despite the fact that archaic mythology as an integral system of worldview is rationalized, desacralized and destroyed, mythological archetypes retain their social significance. That is, political myths are the result of rationalization and symbolic interpretation of mythological archetypes. The article describes the main symbols-archetypes being invariably present in political discourse. For example, the hero archetype symbol is used to create heroic political myths. This group of myths is necessary for the formation of the image of a political leader. The representation of a political leader in accordance with the symbol-archetype of the hero significantly increases his capabilities and powers. The symbol-archetype of the Golden age is used to construct the image of the ideal social and political system. This archetype is especially actively exploited in various utopian and revolutionary projects. The symbol-archetype of the Great Mother, also actively used by modern mythology, forms ideas about their native land and country creating a sense of unity and cohesion. Since archetypal symbols retain their social significance, political myths, by reproducing them, perform important social functions. Shaping a special symbolic and semantic reality modern myths perform the main function – meaning making. Modern political myths carry out their functions by acting on the unconscious level, thereby causing certain emotional experiences and pushing the masses to the required actions. Thus, it can be concluded that political myths are an integral component of modern social and political practice.
Key words: ideology, political myth, archaic myth, archetype, myth-making, mythologization.

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