Rodukov A.F. Transformation of States in the Era of Globalization: Synergistic Aspect


Alexey F. Rodukov
Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Lecturer, Department of Social and Political Sciences, The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
Prosp. Bolshevikov, 22, Bld. 1, 193232 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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Abstract. Social synergy considers the historical process as a movement along a logarithmic (narrowing and going to infinity) spiral that is a "golden spiral", obeying the law of differentiating and integrating of social ideals (V.P. Branskiy). The totalitarian ideal expresses the cult of responsibility (order) and the anarchist ideal expresses the cult of freedom (chaos). The society is committed to an optimal balance of chaos and order, freedom and responsibility. Thus, in the concept of "regimes with exacerbation" by S.P. Kurdyumov the phase transition (from one state to another) is associated with an increasing tendency to speeding up the process. The history shows rather "oscillation" tendencies of strengthening or weakening of the state. Extremes are deconstructive. Thus the processes of establishing the optimal ratio between chaos and order in society are reflected in the law of hierarchical compensation by E.A. Sedov. However, the self-organization of the state as such is carried out as an endless tendency towards the common to all mankind ideal and it is non-linear, contrary to the classics of Marxism. Nowadays, the fateful for the state contradiction between the democratic process of "degovernmentalization", on the one hand, and the "capture" of supranational institutions and functions first by the national and then transnational corporations, on the other, is being actualized. The privatization of property and the non-admission of the "rest" of population to this process leads to the de-socialization of the state. The goal of a corporation-state is to weaken or even eliminate the national identity and sovereignty of a nation-state. The state rejection of social functions and guarantees means its strengthening. On the contrary, the development and functioning of the institutions of the societal state and civil society goes under state patronage and leads to the removal of the state monopoly from the several sides of the life of society.

Key words: order, chaos, differentiation and integration of ideals, nation-state, corporation-state, globalization, deglobalization.

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