Khrapova V.A., Karandashov I.V. Regional Text in Modern Socio-Cultural Dynamics


Viktoria A. Khrapova

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Volgograd State University
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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Ivan V. Karandashov
free researcher, Volgograd, Russian Federation
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Abstract. In the modern globalizing transforming world, regionalization processes are intensifying. Selfdetermination of the region is associated with the development of viable programs of socio-economic development. Important components of such a program can be concentrated in the regional text, which reflects the communicative specificity of regional everyday life and the nature of the interrelationships of the regional community with the outside world. Modern regional text is in its infancy. Fixing the key components of a regional culture as a form of being of a person and society established in certain space-time coordinates, it assumes a constant interpretation, undergoes deconstruction in accordance with the changes that occur at the state level and the world as a whole. In the conditions of modern transformation, well-organized communication strategies are of great importance in bifurcation points. It is obvious that such strategies should take into account the interests of the individual and society and should not contradict the general civilization processes. Regional texts carry the idea of organic integrity, unity of nature, man and society.This makes them popular in today's dynamic, unstable social space. However, the cognitive context of using locally rooted texts is expanding. Metaphorizing the world, they create ample opportunities for translocal identities. Keeping the identification potential of local texts, the regional text is open to innovation. In the modern risk-taking social space, it is important to develop a system of values aimed, first and foremost, at achieving human and social security. According to the authors of the article, this goal can be achieved provided the regional community understands the unique value of the local identity, as well as the geopolitical role and socio-economic functions of the region on a nationwide scale. The regional text as a set of cultural constants, fixed by the public consciousness as a significant semantic and ideological complex, has great potential that needs to be developed in order to optimize the existence of man and society.

Key words: region, culture, text, communication, sociocultural dynamics.

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