Sgibneva O.I. Continuity of Veteran and Youth Movement: the Experience of the Volgograd Regional Public Organization “Union of Komsomol Generations”


Olga I. Sgibneva
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Professor of Department of Sociology, Volgograd State University, Prosp. Universitetsky

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100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article analyzes the activities of the public organization, which includes veterans of the Komsomol of the Volgograd region. The purpose of the organization is to preserve the best traditions of the Komsomol of education of children and youth in the spirit of citizenship and patriotism, the formation of moral culture, love for work, love for their Fatherland. Created in 1994, during the period of active reassessment of the values of the Soviet era, when Komsomol ceased its activities after the extraordinary "liquidation" Congress, the "Union of Komsomol generations" united active people who had passed the school of Komsomol, who were well aware of working with young people and were ready to help new youth organizations in the conditions of transformation processes in the country, to resist the deformation of public consciousness. VROO "Union of Komsomol generations" builds its work on the basis of the Charter, its main objectives are to promote the strengthening of ties between different generations, to attract veterans of the Komsomol to the Patriotic education of young people, to transfer the best traditions of older generations. The Union actively cooperates with youth organizations of modern Russia – regional branches of the Federation of children's organizations, the Lenin Communist youth Union, the regional pioneer organization and others. Joint participation in Patriotic events, in the work of protection of monuments of history and culture, employment, travelling to the native land, the patronage of the veterans contributes to the preservation of continuity of generations, broadcasting and exploiting the heritage of the largest youth organizations in the country, successfully participating in the solution of complex problems of an economic, social and cultural development of the state, along with all the people with the last honor trials of battle. Special objects of attention of veterans and youth were the memorial on the Soldier's field and the monument to Komsomol defenders of Stalingrad, created on the initiative of the Komsomol on the funds earned by young people on voluntary labor actions. Common cause of veterans and youth was the preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol. This event has acquired a national scale and has served as an important factor in the unification of regional organizations of veterans of the Komsomol in the All – Russian public organization "Pupils of the Komsomol-My Fatherland".

Key words: continuity of generations, traditions, heritage, historical memory, humanitarian crisis, state cultural policy

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