Leshchenko L.A. Сulture of Self-Preservation Behavior and Its Impact on Life Longevity of Elderly Persons (Based on the Materials of Volgograd)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/lp.jvolsu.2018.2.9

Lyubov A. Leshchenko
Postgraduate Student, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Volgograd Institute of Management – Branch of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

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Gagarina St., 8, 400131 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. According to the statistics, in recent decades, the number of elderly people has increased worldwide and in particular in our country. The current social and demographic situation has a significant impact on social development, which actualizes the problem of research related to the study of the practices of self-preservation behavior of persons older than 60 years. For a comprehensive study of one of the problems of modernity, the article focuses on the consideration of theoretical and methodological approaches relating to the study of the phenomenon of old age. It was noted that in the earlier stages of scientific and theoretical thought, old age was seen as a special state of mind. At the same time, a series of social and economic transformations contributed to the transformation of scientific and theoretical thoughts, where old age as a social phenomenon begins to be analyzed through the prism of the concept of "social inequality". Also, on the basis of the jrganized complex sociological research (questionnaire survey, in-depth interview), conducted among elderly people living in the city Volgograd it was found, firstly, that this socio-age group are not supporters of compliance with the rules and regulations inherent in the culture of self-preservation behavior. Second, the results of the survey showed gender differences regarding the practices of preserving and maintaining health. In particular, men, unlike women, are more prone to drinking alcohol and cigarette products, what contradicts the principles of a healthy lifestyle. In the current conditions, the preservation and maintenance of longevity of elderly people is possible with the observance of the imperatives of the culture of self – preservation behavior involving on the one hand, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (proper nutrition, moderate physical activity, etc.), and on the other hand - timely treatment and prevention of diseases in medical institutions.

Key words: elderly people, self-preservation behavior, culture of self-preservation behavior, old age, social gerontology.

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