Magomedova E.Sh. Theoretical Grounds for Studying the Value Orientations of Young Managers of Business Organizations


Elvira  Sh.  Magomedova

Postgraduate  Student,  Department  of  Philosophy  and  Sociology,

Volgograd Institute of Management – Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and  Public Administration,

magomedowa- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gagarina  St.,  8,  400131 Volgograd,  Russian  Federation

Abstract. The theoretical problem to define the concept “value orientation” is studied in the work and an attempt is made to give its definition for the social and professional group of young business leaders. We begin our research with the analysis of the concept of “value”. A review of the literature on axiological topics makes it possible to reduce numerous discussions about this definition to the following basic theses: values should be regarded as abstract entities, as an objective expression of reality, as an ideal, as a standard, as an individual projection, or as a supra-individual reality. We tend to believe that values have only potential normative, and for their practical implementation, they have to be transformed into value orientations based on them, but not identical with them. In this paper, the value orientations of young business leaders are understood as personal attitudes to values that are vital only for person, which entail certain patterns of behavior, both in the professional sphere and in real social relations. The author describes the mechanism of formation of value orientations for the studied group, consisting of such components as social values, business activity values, individual-personal values, organization values and external influence factors. Each of these elements is disclosed. Theoretically, the assumption is made that, depending on the stage of the managerial career, the ratio of the main components that determine the manager’s value orientations varies, which determines his behavior. The role of value orientations of managers in the management system of business organizations is considered. A statement that the value orientations of the manager have a direct impact on the nature of the organization’s activities, its competitiveness, personal transformations of employees and organizational culture, as well as on the culture of a transforming society when considering young executives of business organizations as a separate social and professional group is formulated. In general, it can be observed that there is a definite relationship between the factors that influence the process of formation of value orientations in the group under study and those aspects that the manager’s values can influence.

Key words: values, value orientations, young managers of business organizations, the mechanism of formation of value orientations, the role of the leader.

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