Didenko O.N. University Research Schools in the Age of Scientometrics

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/lp.jvolsu.2017.4.16

Olga  N.  Didenko

Candidate  of  Philosophical  Sciences, Associate  Professor,  Department  of  Philosophy,

Volgograd  State University

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Prosp.  Universitetsky,  100,  400062 Volgograd,  Russian  Federation

Abstract. Transition to the information society and innovative economy formulated mainly in the form of    strategic directions of science education development involves not only the study of positive experience of the organization of science, but also the definition of those elements that are capable of realizing new goals and constitute to the institutional basis of modern knowledge. In this regard, according to some researchers scientific schools should be subject to rigorous analysis. Scientific schools have come to the attention of researchers in recent decades in connection with the state program of their support. But as practice has shown, difficulties in choosing the objects of such support arose due to the lack of clear understanding of what a scientific school is, their objective features and criteria for identification. The article analyzes the main approaches to the definition of “scientific school”, considers the classification and characteristics of scientific schools, formulates their characteristics and criteria. Undoubtedly the academic community of universities is interested in an adequate assessment of its activities. But wether society is ready for such an unbiased and, if possible accurate assessment, in conditions when the role of knowledge and understanding of its essence changes, when knowledge is understood as a commodity, education as a service, and the activities of University teachers as rendering services aimed at forming specific professional competences. The society’s interpretation of the University through the concept of efficiency leads to the widespread use of quantitative scientometric methods in assessing its activities. University schools of science are trapped in this process directly. The article considers relevant to the University community theme associated with the estimation of efficiency of scientific schools activity, the presentation of the problems in evaluating the activities of scientific schools in a “scientometric boom”, the question raised concerns the objectivity of scientific methods and capabilities to make quality conclusions about the achievements of scientific schools.

Key words: science, scientific school, identification of scientific schools, efficiency of scientific school, University.

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