Pavlov A.P. Ontology of Solidarity and Social World


Aleksandr P. Pavlov

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology,

Siberian Federal University

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Prosp. Svobodnyy,  79, bld. 1, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article is devoted to the study of phenomenon of solidarity in terms of social ontology. Attention is paid to the fact that in modern social science, especially in sociology, pragmatic approach dominates in studies of social solidarity according to which solidarity is interpreted as a form and method of social integration of people providing mutual survival, acquisition of vital resources. However, such approach seems to be insufficient and one-sided since it does not consider for existential ontological constituent of solidarity relations manifested in practices of actors’ participation in constituting of social world. Necessity to consider solidarity as a method of participation of individuals in constitution of social world is substantiated. Social world is interpreted as immediate region of existential co-presence, the region where people feel like co-authors of mutual existence. The conclusion is made that conventional solidarity is provided by so-called absolute event: sacral event presetting spatial and time boundaries of mutual existence. It is an initial construct of transcendental senses keeping solidarity bonds of people for long time. This article analyzes eidetic, political, and modern types of solidarity, historical interrelation between them is discovered. Peculiar attention is paid to the fact that in the late 20 - early 21 century large stationary solidarities (for instance, of classes) are already not urgent either as form of social integration or as condition of reproduction of social orders. Instead, principally new type of solidarity appears mainly related with networking methods of production, life’s activity, social orders. This article considers peculiar features of this type of solidarity: mobility, spontaneity, absence of moral obligations of its participants, and so on.

Key words: social order, social existence, social world, event, constituent event, solidarity, political solidarity.

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