Zagirova E.M. The Attitude of the Daghestan People to the Civil Marriage (Based on the Results of Sociological Research)


Elvira M. Zagirova

Postgraduate Student, Regional Center of Ethno-Political Research Dagestan Scientific Center,

Russian Academy of Sciences

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Yaragskogo St., 75, 367030 Makhachkala, Russian Federation

Abstract. In the article, the dynamics of marriage structure changing, motivation of the conclusion of officially unregistered marriages (“the second wife”) are analysed; influence of a certain kind of religiousness marriage behavior and marriage on religious practice is characterized, specifics of demographic behavior of the Daghestan people are shown, the factors which influence  the decision on the conclusion of the marriage union and its registration are established. The distribution of the unregistered marriages in modern Daghestan society, “the second wife” focus among women and the second family focus among men are based on changes in their reproductive behavior. At the same time male respondents and subgroup of “conviction believers” are positive to polygamy, unlike women who in general negatively characterize a civil marriage. Besides, in mass consciousness of the Daghestan there is certain intolerance for the children who were born in the unregistered marriage union when ascertaining the importance of its conclusion on religious canons. The main reason for negative attitude to polygamy in the attitudes of respondents of the Daghestan peoples is the presence of certain preconditions for the destruction of the traditional family in the polygamy.

Key words: marriage, civil marriage, marriage behavior, Daghestan peoples, polygamy, family and marriage sphere, traditional family.

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