Lunkov A.S. The Philosophical Foundation of Peacemaking: Prolegomena to the Problem


Aleksandr S. Lunkov

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of Department of Philosophy,

Institute of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Sofyi Kovalevskoy St., 16, 620990 Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article formulates some preliminary remarks to the study of peacekeeping and peacemaking activity sphere from the point of view of science and philosophy. Peacekeeping activities maintain peace and counter of the escalation of military conflicts both on the international scene and within a society. The formulation of the philosophical foundations of peacemaking is relevant because this activity should to be based on clear philosophical and scientific ideas of the peace and war phenomena. This, in turn, is impossible without the analysis of the system of knowledge and examples of specific activity which has already developed in this sphere. In view of the fact that the number of philosophical and scientific ideas of war and peace is huge, it is necessary to classify them for further analysis.  The  classification  criterion is  affiliation  to  a  particular class  of philosophical  foundations  of science: ontological, epistemological, axiological, logical, methodological, and linguistic. The initial step to achieving this goal is to determine the characteristics of the philosophical foundations of peacemaking as a possible scientific discipline. Thus it will become possible to achieve the unity of the specific content of the empirical, theoretical and metatheoretical levels of scientific knowledge with philosophy and implement their inclusion in culture. This is impossible without the involvement of the intellectual elite and the broader educated public in peacekeeping activity. The success of this largely depends on the awareness of social actors of the importance of their own involvement in the peace or anti-war. No matter how insignificant the role of the individual subject seems at first glance.

Key words: peacemaking, the philosophy of war, the philosophical foundations of science, war, peace.

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