Ilyin A.G. Tolerance of the Russian Culture


Aleksandr  G.  Ilyin

Candidate  of  Philosophical  Sciences, Associate  Professor,  Department  of Philosophy and Sociology,

Elabuga Institute of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

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Kazanskaya St., 89, 423604 Elabuga, Russian Federation

Abstract. The acute theme of this article is tolerance of the Russian culture through its meaningful manifestations in the world around us. The existence of different opinions on the concept of tolerance and inclusion of Russia into the global information society require the philosophical understanding of this concept and determination of its ontological background. The need for this understanding will help identify the ways of interaction of the Russian social reality with the outside world. The peculiarity of the process of liberal reforms in Russia also causes some resistance on the part of Russian culture and the Russian mentality. It should not be regarded as a lack of the Russian culture development, its inability to resist the onslaught of technological progress, on the contrary, this is its advantage – it isn’t subject to technological progress, but it subordinates it. This also concerns other spheres of life of society – social, political, economic etc. Tolerance of the Russian culture is in meaningful and fair interaction with others, with their traditions and objectives. Such notions as consciousness, tolerance and emotional generosity are the basis of the Russian culture but not an anachronism. The Russian culture remains a significant guideline for researches in the contemporary informative world.  A great number of world pattern answers are found in the Russian culture itself. Submissiveness and longanimity are not an indication of moral neglect and disability to understand current events. They are outstanding characteristics of the Russian culture and genuine tolerance, existing up to the present time.

Key words: Russian culture, Russian mentality, tolerance, conscience, humility, justice. 

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