Sedelnikov M.V. Modern Aspects of the Theory of Convergence: the Experience of Capitalism and Socialism Synthesis in China


Mikhail Valeryevich Sedelnikov

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy,

Siberian Federal University

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Prosp. Svobodnyy, 82a, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to understanding the experience of political and socioeconomic transformation of modern China, walking on the path of formation of advanced industrial society. Contrary to expectations of some capitalist countries, the global socialist system did not ceased to exist after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has been preserved and transformed, now continuing to have an impact on many geopolitical processes in the world. Its driving force today is China which committed the “upgrade” of its own socialist regime. Implementation of the synthesis of socialism and the individual methods of capitalism in this country reflect the modern view of the theory of convergence as the inter-conditionality of the integration of certain elements of the socialist and capitalist political systems. It is suggested that “convergent modernization”, which the socialist system of China was subjected to over the past decades, both in the field of politics, economy, and in the field of social relationships, is correlated with the outstanding achievements of this country in the sphere of scientific and technical progress. The author deals with the issues of constructive nature of comparative experience of “market socialism” construction in China and the USSR, as well as the feasibility of certain principles and methods of socialism in Russia.

Key words: convergence, political system, socialism, capitalism, social and economic development, scientific and technological progress, modernization.

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