Borovikova N.M. Cinema: “Production of Meanings” оr “a Window Wide Open to the World”?


Nina Mikhaylovna Borovikova

Postgraduate Student, Department of Theory of Culture, Ethics and Aesthetics,

Moscow State Institute of Culture

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Bibliotechnaya St., 7, 141406 Khimki, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article deals with the movies as an ordered system of signs and symbols developing and operating by its own rules and laws. A special role is given to the methods of films’ content creation in terms of techniques and methods of constructing cinema reality. The author focuses on the ideological subtext which is broadcasted to the audience as well as the formation of a specific reality. As a result of considering the basic techniques and characteristics of films, the author concludes that movies have become a form of the transmission channel and the illusory mythologized reality.

Key words: topos, iconic-symbolic (semiotic) system, “ideological glasses”, cinema reality.

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