Tereshchenko O.V. Student in the Mobile World

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu7.2016.2.7

Olga Vikentovna Tereshchenko

Professor, Department of Social Communication,

Belarusian State University

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Prosp. Nezavisimosti, 4, 220030 Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Abstract. The rapid spread of the mobile Internet is fundamentally changing the lives of the younger generation, which is studying and working while remaining “in touch”. Immediate response to incoming messages without interruption from other activities is not just considered a “good tone”, but shows the highest value of continuous dialogue, a greater value than, for example, the need to follow the lecture material or to respond to customer complaints. In this paper an attempt is made to evaluate the changes that are in the life of a student information and communication technologies.

Key words: student, mobile Internet, changes, educational activity, work, leasure.

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