Semenova A.А.
Lecturer of cultural studies chair of Siberian federal university, PhD of philosophy

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Abstract: There is discussed the potential of cinematography as the social cultural practice for the forming of national world vie win the article. There are described the history of national cinematography phenomena in the examples: a) epic movies of D. Griffit which were made the national idea of American cinema; b) German expressionism movies which were originated from national spiritual culture of XIX century; c) early Italian cinematography which was obsessed with antic culture as the begging of European culture on the territory of Italia; d) Soviet montage cinematography of 1920 years which was turn to dynamic contemporary Russian history. It is also researched here the examples of national cinematography – mainstream in Hollywood cinematography and the ideas of Soviet movies of middle quality. As the result main principles of ideals forming in cinematography are described.

Key words: visual culture, cinematography, national cinematography, social culture practice, cinematography in global world, cinematography as the social culture practice, animation.

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