Naumova E.I.
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Ontology and Gnoseology, St. Petersburg State University
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Abstract: The article presents a research in the field of psychoanalysis and philosophy. The main thesis of the work is that Freud's psychoanalytic concept is an extension of the rationalist philosophy of Descartes, which contradicts well-established in the field of humanities postulate that psychoanalysis - an irrational conception. The text deals with the concept of the decentered subject as the foundation of non-classical ideal of rationality, which is discussed in connection with the discovery of Freud's unconscious function for models of cognition in the late XIX - early XX century. Also in the article analyzes the connection "psychic" and "political" dimensions of subjectivity in the long term feasibility of free action. The main question of the article is: can we consider the mental apparatus as a repressive machine that constitutes the subject as an effect of the production of power or resources of psychic have a liberation potential?

Key words: psychoanalysis, philosophy, subject, unconscious, rationalism, psychic, power, action.

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