Bosov D.V. Western Mainstream Cinema as a Factor of Russian Students’ Socialization


Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich Bosov

Postgraduate Student, Department of Social Work,

Belgorod National Research University

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Pobedy St., 85, 308015 Belgorod, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article deals with the phenomenon of mainstream cinema as the element of mass culture having impact on tastes and preferences of student’s youth in line with cultural globalization and Americanization. The choice of favourite Western movies, film heroics and its components together with the analysis of the socio-cultural content of the presented elements and agents of socialization is considered. Ethno-cultural measurement of cinema products is shown, directors of Hollywood as preferable to student’s audience are presented, the analysis of a valuable and standard set of the film stars distributed on groups is carried out. Advantage of three film genres is revealed: the fighter, melodramas and comedies which are carrying out the legitimation of a mass person and ideology of consumption, and stigmatization of the person of science, and everything that is connected with it. The phenomenon of the mass person extended at the higher school as in modern Russia all spheres of spiritual and art and esthetic life are sent to the power of mass culture and art of the American type. The students of Russia have new valuable installations of hedonistic and material character. The similar system of values makes knowledge and self-training useless if they don’t bring enrichment, the science and the scientist’s figure stigmatization. The obtained data can be used by employees of clubs, vice rectors of higher education institutions for educational work, developers of policy in the field of cinema and television.

Key words: mainstream cinema, Americanization, socialization, movie genre, mass person, thriller, blockbuster, comedy.

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