Bakhanova E.V. Public Control of Penal System: on Determining the Content and Application Features


Elena Viktorovna Bakhanova

Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor,

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Department of Corrections in the Ulyanovsk Region

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Prosp. Sozidateley, 13, 432067 Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article deals with the essence and suggests criteria for identifying the concept of public control of penal system. The author compares the findings of three research dealing with the attitudes to public control: a mass survey, a survey of employees of government agencies and the conclusions of the analysis of the matrix of public control powers distribution. To determine the basic model of public control it is proposed to use a matrix model based on the interaction of the network as a resource control agents on the principle of emergence. The approaches to the consideration of the essence, principles and specifics of public control penal system are described. The author analyzes the general trends and tendencies of public control in a rather special area – the penal system. A description of the study methods of public control, information about the features, provides practical information, most clearly reflecting the actual state of public control penitentiary system in Russia. It is noted that the most important task of sociology at the present stage is to determine the effectiveness of such type of interaction as a public control, to study the methods for obtaining reliable information, as well as the factors affecting the promotion of a society in the reform of the Russian penitentiary system.

Key words: public control, penal system, social networks, social interaction, social agents, agents resourcing.

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