Karchagin E.V. Justice as a Social and Cultural Phenomenon

Evgeniy Vladimirovich Karchagin

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology,

Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Akademicheskaya St., 1, 400074 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article discusses the main features of justice as a social and cultural phenomenon. The author justifies the importance of socio-cultural approach to the analysis of justice. It is noted that the idea of justice as a social and cultural phenomenon is formulated in the form of values and norms that have function of the organization of social reality. In the article justice is conceptualized as a justification of social and cultural order. Justice is the proportion and the measure of participation in the division and distribution of the benefits and burdens of social community, which is consistent with the conceptions of the world order in its limits and perfection that is some kind of higher truth. Culture provides the rationale and arguments on which the order and measure of the overall division of benefits and burdens is best and fair. The author relying on the definition of culture as a system of values and norms, considers the value-normative content of the phenomenon of justice. According to the modal logic of evaluations, the structure of justice evaluations has four elements: subject, object, mode (absolute or relative) and basic argument. Norms of justice are contextual with boundaries outlined by: 1) the object of evaluation - the specific benefits and burdens; 2) specific rules of distribution of these benefits and burdens in specific areas of social reality (inclusion, political, juridical, economical, religious, informational and educational); 3) the scale.

Key words: justice, socio-cultural approach, culture, socio-cultural order, value, norm.

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