Chernysheva E.N. Global World: Features and Problems of Development


Elena Nikolaevna Chernysheva

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines,

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

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Akademika Volgina St., 6, 117485 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article is devoted to the features and problems which are generated by the process of globalization, the process of creating a single world system of global social interactions. The author considers the basic models of association, and uses one of these models to analyze changes in the economic and political spheres of society. The role and prospects of the development of the national state in the modern world are described. The author makes conclusion that the emerging global community is a complex structural system with the network form of governance, which retains within itself the hierarchical structure with changes in its functions.

Key words: globalization, network, communicative interaction, intercultural communication, national state, global governance.

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