Popova E.P. Organizational Development of Universities and the Reduced Efficiency of Organizational Activity

Elena Pavlovna Popova

Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics

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Myasnitskaya St., 20, 101000 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. Russian universities today are undergoing significant changes in the structure and in the organizational activities. The guiding line of these changes is determined by orienting on improving the effectiveness of universities and approaching to global trends, which allegedly provide a way out of Russian universities to the group of leading universities in the world. The choice of the guiding line is influenced by the criteria of organizational effectiveness established within the framework of the Bologna process. The basis of these criteria is customer-oriented. In our view, this indicates a change in the status of higher education institutions, or at least the duality of their position: higher education institutions are gradually losing the features and acquire features of business organizations. However, universities in the status of the business organization can not solve a major problem for the country – the development of science. On the other hand, the success of organizational change involves not only the choice of appropriate benchmarks, and based on established organizational development: changes need to optimize organizational performance, not destroy it. This makes the problem of the scale and speed of change. In our view, the selected guiding line and targets, the scale and speed of organizational change – factors that not only destroy the organizational activities of Russian universities, not allowing them to solve the key problem, but also calling into question their survival.

Key words: organizational development of universities, the criteria of universities’ effectiveness, the guiding line of organizational changes, Bologna process, business organizations.

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