Garbuzov D.V. Myth History of Russia: From the Third Rome to the Open Society

Dmitriy Viktorovich Garbuzov

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Head of Department of History, Foreign Area Studies and Intercultural Communication,

Volzhsky Humanitarian Institute (Branch) of Volgograd State University

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40 let Pobedy St., 11, 404133 Volzhsky, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article analyzes the ideological myths of post-Soviet reforms in a broad historical and cultural context: the belief that liberalism and socialism are completely opposite and they cannot positively and meaningfully related to each other; the belief that a liberal society is an inevitable step in the overall history of mankind, and that there is no “other way”, and all cultures who wish to go down in history should “liberalize” themselves; the belief that the construction of a liberal society will automatically lead to economic prosperity; the belief that the basis of social life in modern Russia is the struggle between ideological doctrines of communism and liberalism, and they, in turn, manifest a wider, global process of struggle between traditional and modernized societies.

Key words: mytho-history; liberalism; socialism; Third Rome; open society, traditional society, modernized society; secularization; post-Christian era; philosophical Robinsonade.

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