Nuriev B.D. The Pragmatism of J. Austin’s Linguophilosophy

Nuriev Bulat Damirovich
Сandidate of Philosophical Sciences, Doctoral Student, Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Bashkir State University
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Zaki Validi St., 32, 450076 Ufa, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article analyses the theoretical bases of J. Austin's pragmatism in the scope of linguistic philosophy and outlines the peculiarities of terminology, actively used by the philosopher in his studies. The author reveals the essence of those transformations that took place in linguophilosophy in the first half of the last century, emphasizes the importance of research by J. Austin for the further development of this branch of knowledge. The article shows the interconnection of ancient heritage and English scientist's studies, systematizes the innovative ideas of J. Austin, and also discloses the role of his pragmatism in the establishment of new schools and conceptions in the Western linguophilosophy.

Key words: J. Austin, pragmatism, linguistic philosophy, sign, meaning, contextuality, ancient philosophy, poststructuralism.

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