Ocheretyanyy K.A. Urbanistic Corporality: Scope of Medial Configuration

Ocheretyanyy Konstantin Alekseevich
Postgraduate Student, Department of Ontology and Epistemology,
Saint Petersburg State University,
Academic Secretary, Research Centre of Mediaphilosophy
of Saint Petersburg State University
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Mendeleevskaya Liniya, 5, 199034 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Abstract. Modern media authorities abolish or drastically alter habitual ways of orientation in the world. Space is abolished in favor of time, the city is reduced to its map or diagram, traumatic experiences and negative contribution to the events are prevented by building analytical picture of the world. The transformation of our experience raises questions about the limits of media reality, about medial design of space and new medial corporality. The urbanistic corporality in the age of new media has the scheme which is different from former kinds of corporality and is characterized by other somatic a priori, radical parameters of tacit cogito. The human body is not made virtual by its engagement with calculated visualization but is in turn part of the field of enquiry, equally porous, and definable in various scales and in different dimensions. Today the main feature of the urbanistic corporality consists in the fact that "corporal scheme" is inextricably connected with derivatives of "technical image".

Key words: body, media, city, image, sensuality, corporal scheme, space.

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