Pilyugina E.V. Contemporary Social Reality: Pan-Mythologization, Media Wars and the Crisis of Postmodernity

Pilyugina Elena Vladimirovna
Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Philosophy, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Director, Territorial Centre of Russian New University
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Radio St., 22, 100505 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The author investigates the key feature of contemporary society and the current global social crisis – the pan-mythologization of reality. In terms of the phenomenon of pan-mythologization, the author analyzes current media warfare (including events in Ukraine) and potential transformation of the postmodern society; identifies conditions of pan-mythologizing the reality: the singularity of social existence and transparency of social consciousness. The article compares traditional myths and myths of modern society – mythologems; it is proved that postmodern mythologems, unlike traditional myths of previous historical stages, not only distort reality, but deconstruct it according to specific social orders, and strengthen the singularity of social subjects and their destructive properties. The author defines the term mythologem as the content of interconnected signs and meanings of various facts and events generated by means of information technologies and not necessarily associated with reality, real historical events or cultural attractors. It is defined that mythologems transform into totalitarian ideas, among which the Western civilization idea of democracy takes special place. The author proves the relevance of modern social crisis as a crisis of the postmodern society and considers the place and role of Russia in the situation of transformation and modification of the postmodern society.
In summary the author makes conclusion on the total programming of social behavior by means of mythologems as the phenomenon, which is immanent for the postmodern society. At the same time, the author proves that the process of pan-mythologizing itself transforms the postmodern society and provides an update of its new modalities.

Key words: singularity, transparency, pan-mythologizing, myth, mythologem, simulacrum, implosion, totalitarian idea.

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